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Singamas Qingdao Factory Directly Produce and Sell 20ft New Insulated Container

Singamas Qingdao Factory Directly Produce and Sell 20ft New Insulated Container

The container will conform to and satisfy the following standards.

    Regulations and Standards

    The container will conform to and satisfy the following standards. 

    1.2.1 ISO/TC-104

    All to meet series 1 freight containers set forth.

    ISO 830 ---------Freight containers-Terminology.

    ISO 668----------Series 1 freight containers-Classification, external dimensions and ratings.

    ISO 6346 --------Freight containers-Coding, identification and marking.

    ISO 1161 --------Series 1 freight containers-Corner castings-specification.

    ISO 1496-1-------Series 1 freight containers-Specification and testing-

    Part 1: General cargo containers

    1.2.2 T.I.R. Requirements and Certifications

    The container shall comply with the customs convention of containers, 1972 and all subsequent revisions to date and will be identified with appropriate approval plates and markings.

    1.2.3 Timber Component Treatment and Certification

    All exposed timber components are treated with an Australian government approved insecticide and the container will be such identified with appropriate immunization plate.

    1.2.4 CSC Requirements

    The container will comply with the rules set forth in the International Convention for Safe Containers and will be so identified with a plate.

    1.2.5 Classification Society

    The container will be certified by classification society in design and individually during its production.


    The container is mainly constructed with steel frames, corrugated panels welded by CO2  shielded Arc welding. All welds of the exterior including the base frames are continuous with full penetration. Wooden floor is fixed to the cross members by self-tapping screws. All crevices will be sealed with elastic sealing compound.

    1) Dimension

    External: length: 6058mm   width: 2438mm   height: 2591mm

    Internal: length: 5798mm   width: 2252mm   height: 2348mm

    2) Weight

    Max Gross Weight: 30480Kg

    Tare Weight: 3110 Kg

    Max Payload: 27370Kg

    3) Opening

    Width:2340mm   Height:2290mm

    4)Cubic Capacity:30.7m3

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