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Container Transportation
- Jan 20, 2017 -

1. containers and container cargoes

Container is a certain technical standards of transport equipment should fit the definition of containers. Container divided into international and domestic standards and non-standard container.

Carriage of containers can be a container shipper or carrier-owned container.

Containerized cargo is put inside a container and automobile transportation of goods. Container cargo consists of FCL and LCL cargo.

2. the transport category

According to the nature of goods loaded in a container, container transportation is divided into general container, special container transportation; special equipment including hazardous cargo containers, refrigerated and insulated container, tank container, etc.

According to the contract of carriage by container type and trade, container automobile transportation into international, national tank car transport.

3. transport vehicles

Container transport vehicles provided by the carrier, it should be of a technical condition, with rotating locking device and container requirements contained fit, can meet the requirements of carried containers gross mass.

Container transport vehicles are usually single vehicle type or type of tractor and semi-trailer combination of trains, semi divided into frames, flat-and self-loading and unloading, and so on.

4. Road Interchange, the container terminal

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