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Container Growing Organic Vegetables On The Farm In The United States
- Jan 20, 2017 -

With less space and lower cost production of organic vegetables, container for Freight Farms farms do.

Growing vegetables in containers? Truck driver-turned-United States transportation hengmaerkemu·maikelaien (Malcom McLean), the invention of the container the container must not think, after more than 60 people are so crazy.

In Boston, Freight technology start-ups Farms have begun doing: ocean container a container into the roof, in the open space between the campus and buildings, can form an efficient and environment-friendly urban agricultural systems. Freight Farms now have to sell the system to several users, including Courtyard by Marriott Hotel and a number of distributors of agricultural products, and in December this year to $1.2 million in a round of venture capital.

Freight idea of Farms from the designer and co-founder Jonathan Friedman (Jonathan Friedman) to participate in an environmental project. Friedman and environmental sciences master degree bulade·maikenamala of my best friends (Brad McNamara) together for a massive roof greenhouse farm projects providing design consultation.

"Investments for a rooftop greenhouse farm concept is fascinating, but after seeing the cost will not be so excited. "Friedman told a TEDx Conference in Boston. They choose double-layer PVC insulation, roof greenhouse farms used for heating, cooling and ventilation power cost is still too high, can't make ends meet, it is impossible to promote large-scale.