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A New Generation Of Green Building Innovation Changes Lives
- Jan 20, 2017 -

Traditional built way in the, by Foundation to forming must in site brick by brick piled and into, and container building will container elements introduced to Assembly type building system in the, it retained has container of shape concept, set can overall mobile and lifting function and a, in factory in the completed single module of assembly-line large production, in construction site only needed for assembled and mosaic, will housing built time shortened 60% above, and it to mechanized production instead of manual production of way, can will human cost at least save 70%, And makes site management, and material storage and construction security get best of guarantees, while will development cycle economic into himself of strategy career, to both container for basic module modified housing, full using existing resources, using container steel column and the side wall itself is building by force steel of features, will container module of unit of free combination formed housing building of basic structure, in built process in the large save steel and concrete of using, reached energy-saving environmental target.