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Container transport
- Jan 20, 2017 -

Container transport between mainly: NVOCC, container carrier, container leasing companies, such as container yards and container freight station.

1. Non-vessel operator (NON-VESSEL OPERATING COMMON CARRIER:NVOCC): they specialize in container cargo canvassing, with uncrating, inland transportation and operation of transfer stations or inland terminal business, practical means of transport, or does not have. For real owner, he is the carrier, the actual carrier, shipper he was usually NVOCC shall be governed by laws of the host country, and registered with the relevant government departments.

2. The actual carrier (ACTUAL CARRIER): master of transport and container transportation carrier. Usually has a large number of containers to facilitate container flow, allocation, management, as well as container and vessel interface.

3. Container leasing companies (CONTAINER LEASING COMPANY): new industry that specializes in container rental business.

4. Container yard (CONTAINER YARD:CY): refers to handling heavy containers or empty containers of containers loading and unloading, transhipment, storage, transfer site.