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Container manufacturing materials
- Jan 20, 2017 -

Manufacturing materials refers to the container body parts (side walls, end walls, and so on) materials that can be divided into three types: steel packing, aluminum containers, glass containers, in addition to the wooden container, stainless steel containers, and so on. Which: steel business container, with steel caused, advantages is strength big, structure prison, welding sex high, water key sex good, price low; shortcomings is weight big, and anti-corrosion sex poor; aluminum container, with aluminum material caused, advantages is weight light, appearance beautiful, anti-corrosion, elastic good, processing convenient and processing fee, and repair fee low, using years long; shortcomings is cost high, welding performance poor;

Glass fiber reinforced plastic containers, glass fiber reinforced plastic materials, the advantages are strength, good rigidity, large, heat-insulating, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, good, easy to clean, repair easy disadvantage is weight, easy to aging, loosen the bolt strength.